My name is Ben Malaj; I’m a happily married college graduate and longtime Phoenix resident. During my years of trekking through countless backyards as former owner of an air-conditioning and service company, I observed first hand just how many people are unable to keep up with their animal’s droppings. On the east coast, services of this nature are commonplace and I believe it’s high time they’re offered in Phoenix – and Scoopy Poo was born!!

It’s a rampant problem; people with outdoor animals are often unable to freely enjoy their backyards because they’re just too busy to take on the eloquent task. Realize, if you can smell it, fecal molecules are entering your body and are likely being tracked indoors on your pet’s feet. The resulting toxic impact on health and home hygiene is a big deal.

That’s where we come in…animals have always held a special place in my life, as a kid we even had farm animals! I feel it’s essential to care for and provide a healthy environment for our blended Human and animal families. I hope you agree…